Repurposing fabrics to help end the issue of single use textiles accross event and design industries.

How can we help you use fabric responsibly?

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What Makes us Special

Circular Economy

Diverting waste from landfill and having it repurposed back into design sustains true value. This is the most energy and resource saving solution, simply connecting a waste with a need. 

Impact Metrics

Your sustainability targets are important to us. Fabrics are weighed in ad catalogued by type and client, then all the relevant metrics are returned on the impact you have by working with us. 

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Social Enterprise

 The Textile Review operates as a Social Enterprise. At least 50% of our profits are always fed back into positive impact.

Tailored Services

Our mission is purely to reduce textile waste, and we will do that however possible. Our services can be flexible and tailored to fit with your needs, making sustainability accessible for all.


Trace where your fabrics go/where they've come from. We're building sustainability stories together! 

"it's a welcome partnership to ensure that we are doing everything we can to reduce our overall waste and re-purpose the material that's left." 

-Show Manager, Grand Designs Live 

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