5 Festive Fabric Re-use Ideas

The Textile Review at Christmas

The Textile Review repurposes fabrics from the event and deign industries and these fabrics have been hired or sold for many different uses. Obviously, what we do as a business is on a much larger scale but as consumers and individuals, everyone can repurpose the fabrics you have lying around the house this Christmas. Whether it be offcuts from craft projects, napkins, curtains, old bedsheets or small peices from your local fabric shop - fabrics have many different uses; and with just a little altering they can have a completely new use! Below we have five suggestions that are all perfect for the Christmas season. They're pretty simple and fun, and the extra effort you've made won't go unappreciated!

1. Fabric Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki by Family Circle Magazine  

Watch the Turorial on YouTube

2. A Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Fabric Wreath by Wholesome Day  

Watch the Tutorial on YouTube  

3. Christmas Bunting

Simple No Waste Bunting: How to make bunting from scrap fabric by The Crafts Channel

Watch the tutorial on Youtube

4. Christmas Ornament 


Watch the Tutorial on Youtube 

5. Christmas Presents

THREE fun and easy projects using Fabric Scraps! By Virginia Lindsay 

Watch the Tutorial on YouTube

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas