Fabric Focus: Muslin

We need to talk about muslin. Muslin is the most common fabric we see come in from event reclaims. It's a woven cotton fabric, which has a delicate look and feel, it dyes well and can be used in many different ways. You may have seen a few of our used on our instagram feed and stories - we've been experimenting a little with its uses, we're even looking at launching a couple of new upcylced muslin projects very soon! As exciting as it is to be working with all this lovely muslin, it's actually symptomatic of the huge issue, which really needs to be acknowledged.

Muslin Close-up

So how bad is it?

We reclaim more muslin th any other fabric, and I can't see that changing. The responsibility for the muslin waste problem we've seen first hand lies with the exhibitions industry. At the events we collect from, muslin is almost always used as a ceiling to exhibition units. The reason it's used so broadly is that it allows for light to be filtered through and can be fitted flexibly once the hard framework of the unit is set up. It's also one of the least expensive fabrics to perchase, making it an affordable option for single use... Now, if you've been to a venue like London Olympia or The Excel, you'll know the scale we're looking at. Each unit is typically 10sqft, and there's often over 200 of them at any one show - that's a LOT of muslin! See ceiling below..

Event Waste Fabrics

Repurposing Muslin: The Onward Story

 We have had a lot of interest in the muslin, for events and for people using it to make mock-up garment designs (toiles), also there have abeen a lot of different ideas come up since it's been one of my favourite topics to discuss (you wouldn't believe the generous imagination of some people!)

Soon, we'l be testing the market with multi-purpose muslin household cleaning cloths. Myself and a few of my dearest have been testing them out at home, and this along with some other research, has told me that muslin is fantastic for the following household tasks:

  • Dusting
  • Polishing Glassware
  • Polishing Brass, Silver, Stainless Steel etc
  • Cleaning Windows 
  • Shining Mirrors 
  • Wiping SUrfaces with water/vinegar/an environmentally careful spray

These muslin squares will come in packs of 5, with a different colour oerlocked edge, so you can keep one for each designated purpose!  

We also have some experts in dying and printing trying out different methods, which I can't wait to see the results of soon!  

I'm wonderfully excited by how useful it is becoming to onward users, it's really great how many people are mbracing second-use materials, and I promise you there's a great deal more to come with our impact with muslin.

Blue Muslin

Thanks so muchfor reading! If you work with fabrics, and would find good use for muslin, please get in touch or go straight to the online fabric shop to order. Or of course, if you would ike to join the conversation sharing ideas for the use of all this muslin, I would love to hear from you!